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Rainbow Mama Release & Other News!

Rainbow Mama Release & Other News!

Rainbow Mama Release & Other News!

Hey there all you cool cats and kittens!


(photo by the amazing Christina Creel of Honeysuckle & Holly Photography while we were in sunny Palm Springs, CA pre-quarantine!)

It's me, Michelle a/k/a Love Mich!

I am so excited to release this print to you!! It has been one that was swirling around in my head for the better part of a year or two (who has concept of time anymore?). In true Mich fashion, I overanalyzed the sh*t out of it until one day I just opened up ProCreate, pulled up my MAMA graphic, and doodled some rainbows on it. DONE. What the hell took me so long?! I have no idea. Sometimes I get lost in my creative blocks and I've had a lot of them lately. 

I ordered the fabric for these some time ago (again, what is time these days) and then we had the LM Coloring Cup Contest (promise I will select winners for that! bare with me!) and ALL the rainbow colored things were being drawn up! That helped ease my anxiousness about how this print would go over! I know from the outside it might look like choosing/designing prints is easy but I promise you, I overanalyze and debate about each and every print and item that gets a Love Mich stamp of approval.  When something is well received, it gives me the reassurance I need to keep on keeping on! Don't get me wrong though, I am confident in my abilities! But I like to tread that line of really awesome versus total dud and it can be a gamble! 

So HERE SHE IS! The Love Mich exclusive Rainbow Mama! The lining on this batch is white with GOLD dots! It is simply beautiful!! 

I know there are so many rainbow mamas out there. Whether your babies are earth side or heaven side, I want you to feel their love and I hope this cozy brings a small reminder throughout your days!


1. I am finishing up my mask donations (only 36 left, praise Jesus!!) and do not plan to ever make one again until the end of time. (I hope you can read sarcasm or this is awkward.)

2. I am about 1/2 through shipping the Spring Hoodies! I will get the rest out this week! 

3. The stainless steel tumblers I know so many of you have been soooo patiently waiting for will release this week! I am doing them in a separate sale from the cozies because I can't ship them together (the cozies don't fit in the tumbler box!)

4. The SPRING COLLECTION is sooo close to being ready to release!! My plan is to release it the week of 5/11!!!

5. My child has declared that she will never attend school again and given her strong will, I am afraid of the validity of this statement. 

6. Whether you are handling this quarantine with minimal stress or you are pretending that everything is fine like me, hang in there. Also, just wondering if there will ever be a day that I don't have an audience in the bathroom? If anyone knows, hit me up.




  • I missed out on this Mama cozy! Hope to get one the next time around!

    Victoria Valila on

  • sad i missed this one yet again guess these do go quickly

    LaJewel Shari Arnold on

  • Happy to see a new release! If you need volunteer help feel free to reach out!

    Kaylene on

  • Hang in there..your doing a FANTASTIC job!! This print means so much to many people…Thank you!!! Even if I don’t score one tomorrow!!

    Lucia Kazakos on

  • I had a chemical pregnancy the month before I got pregnant with my son. I didnt even know about it until months later, because miscarriage is such a hushed topic, I wasnt even aware I had suffered an early stage pregnancy loss. I didnt get to process it, or mourn it. And no one really cares when you have a chemical pregnancy, because its not a “real” pregnancy. But I lost my baby. And I never got to mourn that loss. I love this cozy and it will eventually be the most precious cozy I own. Quarantine has been so hard in so many ways and I just hope to snag this one in the restock, when things are hopefully a lot less crazy♡♡ You’re amazing Mich. Thank you for helping us express ourselves through beautiful cups♡

    Allie on

  • Rock on Mama. Boss lady. Rock star. Keep it up! And yeah none of us get to be alone in the bathroom haha but apparently my toddlers can request privacy? Unfair! Loving this print. XOXO

    Michelle Castiglione on

  • So excited for the new print and all the exciting things to come this spring! I, too, would like to know when I can use the bathroom in peace 🤦🏼‍♀️

    Aurora on

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