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Even better in person !

Love this cozy...such a great neutral print. Will be my new staple for sure.

So dreamy

This cozy is even more gorgeous in person. I've been using this print non-stop since I got it!


Beautiful and useful! Keep them coming!

Spring is in the air!

Love this pattern with the purple lining. This is my first smaller cozy to add to my collection for my non venti days ❤

I’m in love!

This cozy looked so beautiful in pictures, but once it arrived in my mailbox, it was even more perfect than I imagined in real life. I love that the lining is darker and will hide any coffee mishaps that could arise because I’m not always a graceful coffee consumer. And it looks killer on the dark purple SB glitter cups. Thank you for making yet another killer cozy! Customer for life!


I absolutely love the cozies. Helps to insulate while looking cute. These have become an obession! Counting down to the next launch.

Love my Cozy

I have a few smaller cozy's, but this is my favorite so far. I love the color along with the stars & moons.

One of the best!

Just when you didn’t think it could be prettier, it’s even better in person! A close friend finally “caved” and got her first one because of this print!


So beautiful and really great quality!!

Love Mich Signature Floral - W/ EGGPLANT lining - Coffee Cozy

Never disappoints!

I will use these cozies till the day I die! They are amazing and make whatever drink I choose to put a cozy on last literally ALL day without even leaving it in the fridge. I always recommend Love Mich to family and friends! I can’t get enough.


The perfect way to add some happiness to my morning when I grab my drive thru coffee!! Fits Dunkin’ medium perfectly and keeps it from sweating all over my desk at work! Love!!!!


This cozy is my absolute favorite! I have it in three sizes because I love it SO much!

Favorite print

The signature floral has become one of my favorite prints. Love it for spring!


Love the quality of these products and designs owner comes out with. Definitely worth every penny

Absolutely LOVE your coozies and my family would say I’m a tad “Out of Control!” 🤣

Plum Stars & Moons - w/ CHARCOAL lining - Coffee Cozy

Plum Stars & Moons - w/ CHARCOAL lining - Coffee Cozy

Plum stars and moon

The pictures don’t do this cozy justice!!! It is BEAUTIFUL In person!! One of my faves!!

Love it to the plum stars & moon and back!

Loving my new cozy! Im a nightshifter and this keeps my iced coffee cold all night and the pattern is perfection 😍

5 Star Floral

Absolutely love this pattern, it’s my favorite LM so far!!

Mama - MARBLE - w/ CHARCOAL lining - Love Mich Exclusive

Marble Mama is AMAZING!

This is one of my favorite Cozies I have seen, and I didn't even buy it for me! I bought this for my SIL, who got hooked on LM last year when I introduced it to her. I am not yet a mama, but I am looking forward to the day that I can rock this one!!!