Meet the Founder

Michelle Provencher is the founder of the increasingly popular lifestyle brand, The Love Mich Collection. She is a creative 
entrepreneur who solely built her successful business from the ground up. 
In her college years, while studying to be a paralegal, Michelle crafted bags and purses to offer to her friends, family, and eventually local craft fairs and events. In 2008, as she began her career in the legal field, she realized she needed a solution to the sweaty cups holding her daily iced coffees in the office. After some trial and error, she created the perfect pattern using hand picked and well thought out materials that, not only worked, but transformed the cup into an accessory rather than an eye sore. While her main love is iced coffee, Michelle also made sure that the materials she used would be functional for hot coffees in keeping them warm and ditching the cardboard sleeve. She called these creations "coffee cozies" and included them in her product line offered at in-home purse parties and vendor fairs. As the years rolled on, more and more people requested her creations, but mainly, her famous coffee cozies, and as they say, the rest is history.
Over the years, her brand has grown exponentially. Between the evolution of her signature label, the introduction of more cozy sizes, and the ongoing unveiling of custom, hand-drawn fabric designs, the sky has truly been the limit for Love Mich!  Apart from building on her success with these coffee cozies, Michelle also now employs a team of local women as well as cultivates a community of enthusiasts with the common denominator being a love for the Love Mich brand. Love Mich is far beyond a business, but a lifestyle developed by a strong, creative woman with a desire to empower and bring together others. 
Michelle resides in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts and is the mama to one feisty but very sweet daughter, Mila. Since her hobby of sewing became her career, her new hobby is attempting to try every iced coffee she can get her hands on (with a perfectly cold and clothed cup, of course) and any creative activity that sparks inspiration!