winter restock 2/7/20 at 2PM EST

Our Story

The Love Mich® Collection was born one summer night in 2008. Our founder, Michelle Provencher, had taught herself to sew in the years prior with dreams of one day owning her own fashion business. While working full time as a paralegal, she saw a need for something to keep her iced coffee from sweating all over her desk at work. Many prototypes later and a lot of late nights in the spare bedroom studio, the Love Mich® Iced Coffee Cozy was born. 

Throughout the years, Love Mich® also created several women's accessories along with our famous coffee cozies. As the years progressed and coffee cozies dominated our fan base, they became the sole product of the collection. The demand for Love Mich® coffee cozies is incredibly high with each restock selling out in mere minutes. The company continues to grow in leaps and bounds each and every year and we could not be more proud!  We are so grateful for our amazing supporters!

We hope that you will become a part of our journey and vow to never have a naked cup again! ;)