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Since 2008, The Love Mich Collection® has been revolutionizing the way people enjoy beverages with our stylish collections of coffee cozies that keep your drinks dry and at the perfect temperature.

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From Side Hustle to Household Name

Get to know Love Mich®

The Love Mich® Collection, most well known for creating the original iced coffee cozy, was founded by Michelle Provencher in 2008 as a side hustle to her day job. Over the past 15 years, with the coffee cozy at the forefront of her product line, Michelle has grown the brand exponentially while keeping product design and production local to Massachusetts, USA.

Along the way, The Love Mich® collection has cultivated a community of enthusiasts with the common denominator being a love for the Love Mich® brand. What started as a creative passion project is now a woman-owned and operated seven-figure business.

Your Love Mich® purchase empowers women to pursue their dreams and prioritize what they love, unapologetically.

It's More Than a Coffee Cozy- It's a Lifestyle!

As Michelle Provencher, founder and owner of Love Mich®, began her legal career in 2008, she realized she needed a solution to the drippy mess her daily iced coffee cups created.

After some trial and error, she created the perfect cup holder pattern using intentional materials that were both functional and stylish. She called these creations "coffee cozies" and included them in her product line offered at in-home purse parties and vendor fairs.

Over the years, Love Mich® has grown exponentially. Between the evolution of her signature label, the introduction of more cozy sizes, and the ongoing unveiling of custom, hand-drawn fabric designs, the sky has truly been the limit.

Michelle now employs a team of local women and has a strong community of Love Mich® enthusiasts. Love Mich® is so much more than just a business; it's a lifestyle developed by a strong, creative woman with a desire to empower and bring more women together.