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Love Mich Spring 2020 Hoodies!

Love Mich Spring 2020 Hoodies!

(Sizes left to right are: 2XL, XL, L, M & M)


Did I design these with the inspiration from our Winter Quarterly Cozy Release? Yes.

Did I hope to release them sooner? Also, yes. 

But, hey, life is weird, man. And it's wild, and often unpredictable.

BUT, these hoodies are PERFECT for that weird "Spring" season where it's still pretty cold most mornings/evenings until like, I don't know, June?! (If you live up North like me!)

(Sizes in top photo: all Large) (Sizes in bottom photo: S, L, XL, M)

I can't say enough good things about this hoodie!

First, it is SO SOFT. And comfortable.

Second, the sizing is true to UNISEX.  The size range goes from Small to 2XL! For reference, I am generally a Medium size in almost all unisex tops and that holds true for this hoodie as well! 

Third, that little cup is embroidered and it makes this thing so extra damn CUTE!

(Sizes in above photo: L, XL, XL, L)

Fourth, it's slate blue! Admittedly, for most of my 35 years, I haven't been much of a blue clothing person (aside from jeans). I like the color blue but I wear jeans A LOT (as in, I have been know to sleep in them) and pairing blue tops with jeans is so tricky for my color toned obsessed mind. But, I felt blue making a turn in the color popularity scale last year, then sure enough, it is the Pantone 2020 Color of the Year! The more blues I see, the more I am loving all the different shades! 

Fifth, because I designed it and I wouldn't release anything I wasn't 1000% in love with. 


We will be doing a PRE-ORDER for these!

This is the best of both worlds. This *should* allow for more people to order if they choose but also doesn't leave us with a bunch of extras that we have to store!

The pre-order will run from Monday 3/16/20 through Wednesday 3/18/20 OR when we hit 500 hoodies. If we hit that limit extra quickly then I will talk with our hoodie supplier and embroiderer to see if we can up the limit at all and still deliver these to you guys timely!

As far as wait time goes - we are hoping to receive these to our studio in early April and begin shipping in mid-April! Of course with what is going on globally with the Coronavirus, these timelines are tentative but we will update you if there are any changes! 


These super awesome hoodies are $42.00 each plus $6 shipping! (plus tax in applicable states)

Believe me when I say you will get so much wear out of this!! It transitions into Spring so well and also makes the perfect cool summer night around the bonfire type sweatshirt! 

Thanks so much for supporting our small business!!

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