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Talking about RELEASES & RESTOCKS!

July 29, 2019 6 Comments

Hey, you! Let's talk about how purchasing from Love Mich works!

As you may or may not know, Love Mich has moved into a Quarterly Release schedule! 

What does that mean?

Each quarter (four times per year) we will release a collection of prints for our Love Mich drink cozies. We will announce a date and time that these releases will launch and you'll want to note your calendar and set an alarm! We have increased our efforts significantly but these items are handmade right here in Massachusetts so we are limited in how many we can produce each quarter!

Once the initial launch sale of that quarter has occurred, we will then begin restocking some or all of that quarters prints, as many times as production allows, until the next quarterly release! That means you have more chances to score one (or more) of our beauties! 

The RESTOCK process is new to us so we are playing that a bit by ear!

We have complied some FAQs about restocks that we think help to explain! 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at: info@lovemichcollection.com 

Q: How do I know when the cozies restock? 

A: There are a couple different ways that we notify our community about restocks. We typically announce the date/time a couple days in advance on our social media channels. We also may announce the date/time via text alerts or simply send a text saying it's "GO TIME"! If you aren't already signed up for texts, there is a tab at the top of our website to do so! Beginning in 2020, we may also make these announcements via newsletter.\

Q: If I get a text alert and/or email saying cozies are restocked, does that guarantee I will be able to purchase a cozy? 

A: No, it does not. Items do sell out quickly (often times within minutes!), so you will want to keep an eye on your social media/text/email for the alert to be able to snag one!

Q: When will restocks occur? 

A: As often as we can between quarterly releases. There is no set schedule.

Q: Will you announce on Facebook or Instagram that you have restocked items? 

A: Sometimes the alert will go out via social media first, sometimes text first, sometimes email. It really depends on the sale/the prints/the popularity of such! We do the very best that we can to inform our community when cozies are being released!

Q: Will other cozy prints besides the initial quarterly collections be released? 

A: YES! We typically release limited edition prints throughout the year as well! Think seasonal or holiday or sometimes just because we are feeling a particular print or restocking a classic! We will post about these on social media (and possibly via newsletter) so you know which ones they will be and are able to try and snag one when released!

Q: Will all cozy prints from each quarterly collection be restocked? 

A: We hope to, yes, but this is a very fluid process and sometimes we aren't able to squeeze in ALL prints again to be restocked. If there is one you have to have, try to snag it during the initial launch!

Q: Will all cozy prints that restock have the same linings as they were originally when listed? 

A: Not necessarily! From time to time we will switch up the linings when restocking. Those that do have different linings, we will tell you about prior to restocking. If we don't mention a lining change, it's safe to assume it is the same as the initial launch!


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August 23, 2019

I hope you guys will restock auntie cozy soon!

Eva Cabral
Eva Cabral

August 23, 2019

Textured green camo


August 23, 2019

Would love a Fur Mama and Auntie restock.

Natalie Rodriguez
Natalie Rodriguez

August 14, 2019

Flannel and grandmas cozie

Valerie Benoit
Valerie Benoit

August 08, 2019

Hoping for restock on Aunty and Grandmother

Natalie Rodriguez
Natalie Rodriguez

August 06, 2019

Sunglasses, pink cozie

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