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Our Annual Imperfect Sale!

Our Annual Imperfect Sale!

Our Annual Imperfect Sale!

Hello friends! 

We are preparing everything for our Annual Imperfect Sale over here and I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to share all the info with you! I decided it could live here on the blog! :) 

The date of the sale is: Wednesday, 5/24/23 at 12PM through Saturday, 5/27/23 at midnight! 

We do this sale about once a year and it includes all our "imperfect" cozies. What is an "imperfect"? I'm glad you asked! ;)

As mentioned in the above graphic, most people don't notice the "flaws" and end up with a fabulous cozy for a discounted price! :) Let my perfectionism be your gain! This is a great chance to score a print you missed!

Here are some important notes to know about the sale!


Now - onto the prints and mystery categories!! Here they are below!


Please be sure to follow us on social media to get a better look at the prints! I hope you're able to score something you love! And thank you, as always, for supporting us. We truly appreciate it! 
xo- Mich

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