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Recap of the Love Mich Spring Soiree 2019

Recap of the Love Mich Spring Soiree 2019

Ahh where do we begin?!

(photograph by Elizabeth Nicole Photography)

The Love Mich Spring Soiree was so amazing.

It took place on May 17th, 2019 on a beautiful Friday night here in Western Massachusetts. 

It had rained so much in the week(s) prior to the Soiree but that night, the sky opened up full of sunshine just before the event started. The Soiree took place not only on a full moon but a Blue Moon. What are the odds of that?! In general we try to avoid doing things on or near a full moon (it makes us all a little extra if you know what I mean!) but we totally missed that cue for this event. Luckily, it worked in our favor and made for a magical evening full of so many incredible positive emotions and vibes.

(photos from our awesome fans!)

We had so many businesses and people come together to make this event happen! 

Hosted by:

Love Mich Collection (Yes, I'm giving us our own plug, this was a lot of work! Haha!)

Venue: Springfield Country Club

Vendors (handpicked by us!):  HorseFeathers Gifts // Mom Life Must Haves // Salon 322 // The Glowtique // Cakes by Amanda // Beloved Dreamer Tarot // Bright Side by Sweet Hippie

Photographers: Elizabeth Nicole Photography - Liz was kind enough to donate her time and talent to capturing the first ever, Love Mich Soiree! And our in-house Love Mich Photographer, Christina Creel, captured moments in between her many other team duties that night! (You probably met her at the door!)

Photo booth: Snap Shots Unlimited

The set up! We worked hard on making sure we had a smooth, non-chaotic flow to the event and I think it's safe to say we achieved just that!! :) 

We were, in fact, so concentrated on making sure everything ran smoothly that the only "group picture" we got of the Love Mich team was the below picture of our cozies during set-up! Haha! We know for next time, build in time for team photos! 

(photographs by Christina Creel)

There were so many on our Love Mich team (and we now know we need even more for the next event!) who volunteered their time for the entire day!!.  They each played such an essential role in making this event what it was.

A very special THANK YOU to all our amazing Love Mich ladies: Kaitlyn, Dawn, Jenn, Jess, Aurora, Christina, Maureen, Laureen, Tiffany, Amanda, Leanne, Kate, Suzanne, Marie, Vanessa, Ashley, Lauren, Samantha and Carrie. 

Also, a super special thank you to my right hand lady, Michelle Zaugg. SHE is the reason that everything ran so smoothly and she put so much work into this event. I simply had the vision of what I had hoped for and the idea of how we could come together as the Love Mich community, and Shell executed it all! So many thank yous to you, girlfriend! 

(photograph by Elizabeth Nicole Photography)

Our goal with this event was to have an opportunity for the Love Mich online community that we have fostered over the last decade to come together in person and hang out! The connections that happened that night were more than we could have ever imagined! It was so emotional for us to see these online friendships turning into real life relationships and how sweet and kind all of our guests were.

(photographs by Christina Creel)

We heard so many stories about how Love Mich has touched people's lives in one way or another from our crazy live videos sparking laughter during an otherwise difficult time to the Mama cozy having a really personal meaning to someone during an uncertain time in their life. It really was so incredible to talk to everyone and share these moments. It is a night we certainly will never forget!

 So... what did we do at this Soiree?!

Well, of course, Love Mich had a special release of our cozies just for the event! It included 6 prints that we felt truly emulated the Love Mich vibe! We also introduced a brand new exclusive print - the Love Mich heart logo! This one quickly has become a favorite of many! 

(photograph by Christina Creel)

We also debuted Love Mich apparel!! AHHH! This was really exciting! We had a LM logo tee available as well as our famous Mama print on a super cute jersey tee AND a matching Mini!

(photograph by Christina Creel)

The debuts just keep coming! We ALSO had a Love Mich storage crate! These were handcrafted by Michelle Payne of Fernwood Co. in East Longmeadow, MA. They came out so awesome! Such a great way to store and display your cozies! The ones in my personal crate are color coordinated, of course! 

(photographs by Elizabeth Nicole Photography)

We also had a super special moment at the Soiree that we are SO glad Liz (Elizabeth Nicole Photography) was able to capture! These two amazing humans, Melanie and Erica, in the week before the Soiree had gotten Love Mich cozy TATTOOS!! Yes, you read that right! TATTOOS!!! I still can't even find the words to express my gratitude for these ladies and all they have done to support me and lift the Love Mich community. These ladies are simply incredible humans. I love you both, so much! 

The least I could do for these girls was give them gifts!! Both Melanie and Erica received a not-yet-released Love Mich item - THE STASH BAG!!! I couldn't think of two more deserving people! And of course, we made sure that Melanie got her unicorn cozy - the blue poppies!! Thank you again ladies for being such thoughtful, caring and uplifting people

(photographs by Elizabeth Nicole Photography)

Let's chat about our vendors! 

Our friends from HorseFeathers Gifts road-tripped all the way to Massachusetts from Kentucky! They are the kind of crazy that we love!! It was SO awesome to have the HFG girls with us. Their work is incredible but their personalities are even better! They had us laughing the whole night! We love you, girls!!

(photograph by Christina Creel)

We also had our friends from Mom Life Must Haves! These ladies ALSO road-tripped to us from the other side of the state of Mass! We loveeee their mom life gear and were so excited to have them in person with us! These girls also have the best personalities and it was so fun to hang with them! 

(photographs by Christina Creel)

I have to give a special thank you to both Chelsea (HFG) and Gina (MLMH) for trusting us with this event. I went to each of them (with not a ton of advance notice, sorry!) and said something along the lines of, "Hey, I have this idea, we're calling it a Soiree, I promise it'll be cool and we can totally handle it, will you come?" (I'm certain there were swears in there somewhere because I'm a passionate person.) Neither one of them even hesitated to say YES. How incredible is that?! This being the first event we hosted ourselves and being very specific that it was more than your run of the mill "vendor event" and they trusted me and my team to handle as we said we would. Thank GOD we pulled through or that might have been awkward. HAHA! ;) Thank you, girlfriends!! 

We also had Natalya of The Glowtique. She is so sweet and it was so great to have her there chatting skin care and massaging those hands! Heaven!!

(photograph by Christina Creel)

The wonderful ladies of Salon 322 were there to beautify us all! Truly, thank goodness-gracious they were there or I would have looked like a hot mess for this thing!

(photographs by Christina Creel)

They curled so many curls and applied so many lashes and did such a wonderful job! They were kind enough to shut down the majority of their salon to join us that night and we are so glad they did!! The owner, Maria Summers, has been my stylist and good friend for years. She is who I turn to when the mom life/business owner life starts to get messy and I need someone who understands! I'm pretty sure most stylists are also part therapists but Maria takes the cake there. She's the best at both! :) The wonderful women from Salon 322 are all so amazing and you should definitely give them a call if you are in need of a new 'do, lashes or hair product/tools!

(photograph by Christina Creel)

After the ladies filled up on the Cozy Haze (our signature drink!), many of you grabbed sweets from Cakes by Amanda! Isn't her talent amazing? Those cookies were so cute! Not to mention delicious!

(photographs by Christina Creel)

A randomly selected 10 of you lucky ladies got to chat with Amy of Beloved Dreamer Tarot for a reading! How sweet is Amy?! We love her. She did a reading for both Shell and I before the event and it was really cool. We love that kind of stuff and hope you enjoyed having her there also! 

(photographs by Christina Creel)

If you followed the flow of the room, then you likely moved on over to check out the work of Sweet Hippie! Her work is beautiful. Hopefully you were able to scoop up a piece of art or jewelry from her! She also did a demo of one of her paintings which was really cool! 

(photographs by Christina Creel)

Lastly, we hope you ended up in the photo booth and/or at the raffle table! Both super fun spots to visit!! :)

(photographs by Christina Creel)

And here are some more photos because we never want to stop reliving this night!! THANK YOU again to everyone who joined us and everyone we got to hug and chat with! YOU are the reason for the Love Mich community and we are forever grateful. 


(photographs by Christina Creel)

11 comments on Recap of the Love Mich Spring Soiree 2019
  • Gina

    All the feeeeeeels 😭😍😭😍 The Soirée was so perfect, and THANK YOU for taking us along for the ride. It was such an amazing night!!

    June 05, 2019
  • Tammy

    I went solo but didn’t feel like it! So many awesome ladies to hang with! Had a great time and so glad I got to go!! <3

    June 05, 2019
  • Shamia

    I LOVED this night!!! Thank you for your amazing product and for actually caring about the people that love it so much! It was so great to have a night out (toddler mom, here!) with ladies who love the same things as I do! I will admit that I was a little nervous about going alone… but were any of us really “alone”? All of the vendors were perfectly selected! I loved that I was able to get my hair curled and have lashes put on… it gave me an excuse to extend my festivities of the night even past the Soirée! Haha I cannot wait for the next one! Hopefully I’ll get to thank you in person, Mich! <3

    June 05, 2019
  • Maryanne

    What a fun night that was! It was awesome meeting everyone who is behind the scenes of all
    These great businesses! Can’t wait for the next one! 💜

    June 05, 2019
  • Carrie Rogers
    Carrie Rogers

    So happy to be a part of this event and to be able to swipe up to read the recap.

    June 04, 2019
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