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Imperfect Sale Information!

Important Information about the Love Mich Imperfect Sale!

The IMPERFECT Sale is Thursday, 3/14/19 at 12PM EST
Who: Love Mich!
What: An "imperfect" cozy sale!
When: 3/14/19 at 12PM EST
What is an "imperfect" Love Mich cozy?
It is a cozy that we have discounted due to minor flaws. These flaws could be the size of the cozy or cosmetic flaws in the construction, fabric, and/or label.  All of the imperfect cozies function exactly as a normal cozy should!
How do you decide what is "imperfect" and why do you sell them?
We have super high quality standards here at Love Mich! As we continue to grow and add members to our sewing team, the room for error grows as well. It's simply the nature of the game! The flaws on the majority of them are so minor that the average person would never notice, but we are a pretty particular over here! ;) We decide to sell them to give you a chance at a discount since that is not something we can normally afford to do! Who doesn't love a deal!
How much are they?
Imperfect cozies are discounted to $18.99 each plus shipping (normally $24 plus shipping.)
How can you tell they are "imperfect"? 
The imperfect cozies are distinguished with a black line under the word "collection" on the label.
What prints will you have?
About half of the prints we have available are a variety collected over the last year or so from our monthly sales! Some prints we have a couple of and some we only have 1! The sizes and prints are wide variety.
The other half or so are 3 specific prints. The "Mama" print in black with pink lining; the "XO" print in black with black lining; and the Black/White Stripes with Pink Hearts with pink lining.
How will they be sold?
We have created "Mystery Print" listings for the following categories:
- Mama (variety of colors)
- Love Mich Exclusives (Arrows, XO, Coffee Trio)
- Holiday (includes Christmas, St. Patty's Day & Valentine's Day)
- Floral (a bunch of different ones from the last year + random extra bridal customs)
- Leopard (variety of colors)
- Animal (very little of this category!)
- Summertime (summery prints like mermaids, anchors, lemons, cacti, pineapple)
- Neutrals (prints that are mostly black and white or gray)
- Wifey (only black/white)
- Randoms (burnt orange farmhouse dash & fall plaid)
We also have 3 listings for specific prints:
-Mama (black with pink lining)
- XO (black with black lining)
- Black/White Stripes with Pink Hearts (pink lining)
What is the deal with those 3 prints (Mama, XO, B/W Stripe & Hearts)?
Well, we added a few people this year and let's just say, it didn't work out as great as we had expected! Even the most seasoned seamstresses are sometimes tripped up by these little buggers! Like we said, we have super high quality standards and unfortunately, these prints took the brunt of it.
These are a little different from our "normal" "imperfects." The sizes are a little off on these 3 prints. They are shorter and wider than what is standard fit for us. However, they still fit okay on their intended cups. The biggest issue with these prints is cosmetics. The topstitching isn't as nice as we like it and cosmetically, just not up to our crazy high standards! Also, the shape may not be what you are used to from Love Mich. BUT, they still function perfectly fine!!
What if I already have some in the category I pick? Can you make sure I don't get a duplicate?
No. What is chosen for each order is completely RANDOM. We cannot check anyone's prior history and we cannot accommodate specific requests. Sorry about that! That's part of getting these for a discount, you are gambling on what you might receive! :) If you don't love the one you get, you can always trade it in our Official BST Group on Facebook!
What other details do I need to know?
- There are no limits for this sale but we do ask that you only buy what you truly want, not just because it's all you could grab. 
- These cozies are FINAL SALE. No exceptions!
- No combined shipping. 
- No coupon codes as these are already discounted!
Below is a SAMPLING of each category. This is NOT all that we have! We've got a good batch of these babies for ya! So, treat yo self!! :)